Smoking is a drag... Vaping is a blast!

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Why Vapor Dog?

After smoking cigarettes for almost 20 years, I finally found something that helped me quit for good. An electronic cigarette did the trick.

I soon shared my success story with some friends, and they were also able to quit smoking, too. It was such a good feeling to help others kick the habit that I decided to open my own e-cigarette store.

Thus, Vapor Dog was born.

Vapor Dog is more than a vaping store. As an animal lover and pet photographer, I decided that not only can I better the lives of people by helping them stop smoking, but I can also benefit the lives of many homeless dogs. That's why I work closely with a local animal rescue group called Animal Aid and donate a portion of my proceeds to this important organization.

So when you buy your e-cigarette from Vapor Dog, you're not just saving your own life. You are helping save the life of a homeless dog or cat. And we thank you for that.

So stop on by. You can even meet Flash, the Vapor Dog himself.

About E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a healthy trend that is replacing "analog" cigarettes at an amazing pace. Why? E-cigarettes do not burn — or create toxins. The real harm from cigarette smoking comes from the more than 600 ingredients found in most cigarettes. The most notable of these is tar, which builds up in the lungs. Burning a cigarette also creates more than 4,800 compounds — like benzene, formaldehyde, TSNAs, pesticides and vinyl chloride, to name a few — 69 of which are known carcinogens.

In contrast, e-cigarette liquid or "juice" contains fewer than a dozen ingredients — mostly water, nicotine, and a mix of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavorings.

Cost is also a factor. At over $5 per pack, a pack-a-day smoker will spend over $150 per month — or $1800 a year. With an electronic cigarette starter kit (from $35-$90), you'll spend about $30 a month on e-liquid. That's a monthly savings of $120 — or an annual savings of more than $1400.

Besides the health and cost benefits, think about the social benefits. Cigarette smoke is offensive to others, and it lingers on the smoker's clothes and breath. With an electronic cigarette there is no smoke, only a flavor-rich vapor. Most people won't even know that you are vaping if they don't see you doing it.

Drop by Vapor Dog and learn the healthy trend that could save your life.

Products & Accessories

At Vapor Dog, we carry a full line of popular electronic cigarettes, e-cig accessories and e-juices for every level. Whether you are new to vaping and looking to explore the trend or kick the cigarette smoking habit, or you're an experienced vaporer, Vapor Dog can provide you with the products and information you are looking for.

Think of Vapor Dog as your retail destination for e-cigarette products, information and insights. We've been vaping for years. We know — and carry — many of the latest products on the market, and can introduce even veteran vaporers to e-cig juices and devices that are changing the market.

No matter your budget or tastes, we have the e-cig, juice and accessories for you. Our electronic cigarettes start as low as $30 for a starter kit, or up to over $100 for our most advanced e-cigarette. We have a wide selection of e-liquids flavors to choose from - from traditional tobacco to fruity flavors. Best of all, sample some while you're here — before you buy.

So stop by Vapor Dog. Hang out for a while. Sample the latest juices in the most innovative e-cigarettes around. You'll see why people are kicking the cigarette habit and enjoying the new vaping lifestyle.